What Varieties of Pickles Do We Specially Make?

Dilled Pickles

Small pickling cucumbers and fresh out of the garden carrots are used to make these crunchy and tasty pickles. Sprigs of dill and a couple cloves of garlic are the secret ingredients that make dilled pickles our favourite. We have added chilli peppers to this old time favourite to bring a new zing into dilled pickles for you hot pickle lovers. The pickling spice used in the asparagus pickles, give them a unique and tangy flavour making them irresistible for any pickle lover. The sharp dilly spears and slices are made from a sour brine for those sour people and the deli slices dress up any sandwich or burger for your tastebuds.

– Delicious Dilled Pickles
(Cucumbers, – HOT or NOT)

Dilled Carrot Sticks
(HOT or NOT)

– Dilly Garden Medley
(Carrots, Beans and Cucumbers)
(HOT or NOT)

– Dilly Bean Pickles
(HOT or NOT)

1 Litre & 500ml

-Tangy Asparagus Pickles

Delightful Dilly Asparagus
(HOT or NOT)

1 Litre & 500ml

– Sharp Dilly Spears

Dilly Deli Slices


Sweet Pickles

Enjoyed by my family, the sweet pickles are at the top of the list. Pickled beets add a burst of color and spicy flavour to any meal. The bread and butter pickles are a hit at any barbeques, adding flavour to any burger or sandwich. Gherkins are tiny cucumbers and sweet, a knockout with the youngsters. The sweet savory pickle are a cross between a bread & butter pickle and a dill pickle giving it a sweet dilly flavour – once you taste it you will empty the jar for sure. The Mustard pickles and the Mustard bean pickles are an old time favorite enjoyed by all.

– Sweet Spiced Pickled Beets
(Pickling spices)

1 Litre & 500ml

Sweet Giggly Gherkins
(Pickling Spice)


Best Bread and Butter Pickles
(Mustard Seed & Tumeric)

Sweet and Savory Pickles
(Dill, Mustard Seed, Chilies)

1 Litre & 500ml

Pickled Eggs

The eggs used to make the pickled eggs are produced from our free-range happy hens that have access to outside pastures. Mustard Pickled eggs are sweet and mustardy which you will only find in our line of pickles.

The peppered eggs have sweet red peppers to add color and taste to these eggs. Dill Pickle Eggs is now the new favourite flavour among Pickle egg lovers, try them out for yourself!

– Sweet Pepper Pickled Eggs

Mellow Mustard Pickled Eggs

Dill Pickle Eggs

1 Litre & 500ml

Salsa Sauce

From our fresh garden tomatoes to our sweet green peppers, this garden salsa makes a tasty treat when served with tortilla chips or in taco’s.

Available in Mild or Medium heat.

-Sassy Salsa Sauce
(Mild or Medium)

Zippy Zucchini Salsa
(500 ml only – Med/Hot)

-Amazing Antipasto
(500 ml only)

1 Litre & 500ml

Pickled Garlic

Take a bite into these crunchy garlic flavors.

The Garlic ex-Scapes are a new pickle on the block– they are very unique in that they are the stem part of the garlic that holds the flower, when picked young it is a very tasty treat.

– Dilled Pickled Garlic

Sweet Peppered Pickled Garlic


– Garlic ex-Scapes
(Tangy, or Regular)



These relishes are made from a medley of vegetables; the green, sweet cucumber, asparagus, mustard relish are perfect for your hamburgers and hotdogs.

The beet or corn relish is a beautiful yummy garnish with any meats.

-Asparagus Relish

Glorious Green Relish

Mellow Mustard Relish

-Sweet Cucumber Relish

Beautiful Beet Relish


-Chunky Corn Relish

Green Tomato Relish

Zesty Zucchini Relish

NEW! Raving Red Hamburger Relish


Pickled Peppers

New product!

Pickled peppers with a bite!

NEW! Piping Hot Pickled Peppers


Thank You For Being a Pickle Lover