How Did The Pickle Patch Start?

Which came first the Pickle or the Egg? The Pickle Patch started 25 years ago, growing quality pickling cucumbers for consumers to make their own pickles. In the years to follow, my husband Larry with his business Big Rock Simmentals (cow/calf Purebred cattle) we purchased land in the Creston Valley. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful productive valley, our goal on our farm is to provide top quality products and doing so, not wasting the bounty.

In 2008, we decided to add a pickle cannery to pickle vegetables and hens to produce fresh eggs that can be sold year round. With this diversity we accomplished our goal in finding that everything worked together; the vegetable scraps from the pickle cannery is fed to the chickens as treats, the manure from the cattle and chickens are placed on the land as fertilizer to build up the soil, and the soil is where we grow the delicious fresh vegetables for the pickles and hay for feed for our cattle.

What We Do

The Pickle Cannery is situated on our farm, where we make 37 different types of pickles from our Tangy Asparagus Dilled Pickles to our Sweet Cinnamon Pickled Beets. All the vegetables and egg products are produced or grown on our farm or purchased from local farmers. The vegetables are picked fresh and pickled the same day to maintain crisp and tasty pickles.

The pickles are stored up to 6 weeks to ensure the curing process is complete. To maintain a quality product all pickles are made in a certified commercial kitchen regulated by Interior Health Authorities and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

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